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In general, the stages of work of an architectural consultant are : (adopted from – IKATAN ARSITEK INDONESIA)



Please contact us via e-mail: or Whatsapp +62811996603. Tell us about your needs and requirements, then our team will contact you. We will provide a Company Profile and Standard Design Fees so that you get to know us better and will be your main consideration in choosing an architect.


We will contact you to schedule an appointment. At this initial meeting, we will explain in more detail about the planning or design process, schedule, the output to provide, and also about costs and payment schemes. In this process we will conduct a few interviews to find out your needs and requirements, what you like/dislike, and what your estimated budget for construction costs will be.


After the initial meeting, we will send you a Cooperation Proposal Letter, and a Draft Contract [for you to study, and of course you can ask questions and discuss things that you think need to be added or adapted to your interests] .


Once you have approved and approved our Proposal, the next step is the signing of the Cooperation Contract and we are officially committed to each other to complete the project.

TERM OF PAYMENT - 1 [ 30% ]
  1. Before the design activity begins, it is necessary to have clarity regarding all data and information from related service users regarding development needs and requirements so that development purposes and objectives can be fulfilled perfectly.
  2. At this stage we prepares the design which includes examining all data and information received, analyzing and processing data that results in:
    • The design program, based on the processing of primary and secondary data and other information to achieve the project objectives and constraints.
    • After the design program is reviewed and approved by service users, it is then used as the basis for the design concept.
    • Design Concept which is the basis for thinking and considerations of all related fields (structural, mechanical, electrical, and or other areas of expertise if needed) that underlies the realization of design ideas that accommodate all aspects, needs, objectives, costs, and constraints of the project.

After getting approval from service users, this concept is the basis for the design of the next stage.

Based on the most suitable Design Concept and can meet the requirements of the design program, we prepares architectural patterns and compositions that are embodied in drawings. While the functional value is in the form of diagrams. Other qualitative aspects as well as quantitative aspects such as estimated floor area, information on the use of materials, construction systems, costs, and development time are presented in the form of written reports and drawings.

After inspection and approval from service users, we will carry out the next stage of activities

TERM OF PAYMENT - 2 [ 30% ]
  1. At the Design Development stage, we works on the basis of the design that has been approved by the service user to determine:
    • Construction systems and building structures, mechanical-electrical systems, and other related disciplines by considering their feasibility and feasibility, both separately and in an integrated manner.
    • Building materials will be described in outline by considering the value of benefits, availability of materials, construction, and economic value.
    • Estimated construction costs will be prepared based on the building system, all of which are presented in the form of drawings, system diagrams, and written reports.

After being checked and approved by service users, the results of the development of this design are considered as the final design and used by the architect as a basis for starting the next stage.

TERM OF PAYMENT - 3 [ 25% ]

Making Working Drawings, based on the results of the Design Development that has been approved by the service user, we translates the design concepts contained in the Development of the Design into detailed technical drawings and descriptions so that individually or as a whole can explain the process construction implementation and supervision.

We present implementation documents in the form of working drawings and written specifications and technical requirements for development that are clear, complete, and orderly, as well as a clear, precise, and detailed calculation of the quantity of work and estimates of development costs.

After being checked and approved by the service user, the resulting Working Drawing is considered the final design and is ready to be used for the next process.

At this stage, we processes the results of making Working Drawings into the form of a Tender Document format which is equipped with a description of the technical requirements for the implementation of the work (RKS) as well as the Budget Plan (RAB) including the Volume List (Bill of Quantity/BQ). 

TERM OF PAYMENT - 4 [ 15% ]

In this stage:

  • We conducts periodic reviews and supervision in the field and holds regular meetings with service users and the Integrated Supervision Executive appointed by the service user.
  • In this case, we are not involved in daily or continuous monitoring activities.
  • Handling of periodic supervisory work is carried out at most 1 (one) time in 2 (two) weeks or at least 1 (one) time in a month.
  • If the construction site is outside the city where the architect resides, the costs incurred in connection with our team’s trip to the construction site must be reimbursed by the service user in accordance with the applicable provisions or those that have been determined and mutually agreed upon in advance.

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