Privacy Policy

PROPER is committed to protecting our personal/corporate data clients. By using our services, you are deemed to have agreed to this Privacy Policy.

Type of Recorded Data

  1. PROPER will record the source of information from which you found information about us
  2. PROPER will record your data including land size, space requirements, preferred style, etc. for building design purposes.
  3. PROPER  will record the address of the city where your project is located.

Data Usage

The types of data above are used by PROPER for:

  1. Communicating in the context of providing services
  2. Carrying out accountability for the provision of services to clients.
  3. Carry out cost calculations and billing for services used by the Client.
  4. Publish the name and location of the project city in order to carry out the promotion with the approval of the Client.
  5. Submit address data for sending images to third-party couriers (JNE, POS, TIKI, GOJEK, etc.).

Data Security

PROPER always secures the data that has been recorded so that it is not used for irresponsible purposes. First, PROPER has implemented the use of HTTPS and SSL on our website to avoid data leakage in the process of data transactions through our website. Use only one Company Email ( to avoid fraud on behalf of our Company.

Data Confidentiality Limits

Data that is deemed not confidential data, such as the use of building materials, styles used, etc., can still be used for promotional purposes. The client can ask to anonymize/use initials if they do not want to be published. Clients can coordinate with PROPER regarding data confidentiality.

Use of Cookies

On this website we use cookies to store data on traffic sources for analytic purposes. This data can be in the form of your IP address, link, ISP, the type of device you are using, and so on.

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