Scope of Work

Through “One Stop Solution” we are able to provide comprehensive service package that includes architectural design, interior design, site planning design, structural engineering, and building service engineering.

We provide design solutions that are responsive, buildable, innovative, and environmentally conscious.

We provide comprehensive Interior Design services for various types of projects. We offer Space planning, furniture selection, and specifications.

We design environments that connect people to one another with nature. We offer to include site planning, hardscape design, garden design, plant material selection, and lighting design.

Master planning is a collaborative process between architects, planners, and clients. We work closely with clients to develop a masterplan that is right for their needs.

We provide an economical structural system, suitable for various types of projects, the most efficient solutions, producing the fewest materials, and the least costs.

We offer engineering solutions that are cost-effective to build, operate and maintain. We consist of a diverse team of engineers who perform design services for  M.E.P.

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