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Profile & Credibility

What is PROPER?

PROPER is architecture and interior design practice with over ten years of experience, providing creative innovative design for residential, commercial, and public projects.

PROPER has a legal entity issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights under the name PT Proper Citraguna Megacipta.

Is PROPER registered with any professional association?

PROPER is registered with the PERKINDO Association and has certification in the fields of Architectural Planning.

Who are the clients of PROPER?

We work with many institutions, ministries, state-owned enterprises, local governments, private companies, contractors, developers, professionals or individuals.

Where is PROPER Office Address

Our office address:

Perkantoran Tanjung Mas Raya, Blok B1 No. 44, Jl. Raya Tanjung Barat Kelurahan Tanjung Barat, Kecamatan Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12530

Does PROPER have social media?

You can follow our social media on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube


How many years of PROPER experience?

Principal / Founder of Proper  has more than 20 years of experience. Proper is a transformation of PT Vicoline Cipta Utama [founded in 2004]. And PROPER itself was founded in 2010. 

What kind of projects has PROPER worked on?

PROPER has worked on many projects from small to large scale.
From individual projects to  government and corporate projects.
From residential houses to prestigious public buildings.

What experts team does PROPER have?

We have experts in various disciplines; Architect, Interior Designer, Structural Engineer, MEP Engineer, CAD Drafter, Estimator, 3D Visual Artist

What about the quality of the PROPER Team?

Our team are experts recruited through selection including:

  • Minimum 3 years experience in the field of expertise.
  • In certain areas of expertise, you must have a certification of expertise (SKA/STRA)
  • In certain areas of expertise, you must have a Building Technical Permit Permit (IPTB).
  • Mastering the latest technology / software for design.
  • Have the ability to analyze and solve problems.
  • Can communicate and collaborate well

How is the design quality of PROPER?

The design output quality standards that you will get at PROPER include the following:

  • We will help you find and recommend the most suitable concept for you.
  • The design will be tailored to your needs and tastes, we will also adjust to the budget you have.
  • Guaranteed the design can be built. If there is any drawing mistake from us, we will revise it for free.
  • Using AutoCAD software, 3D Sketchup so that you can minimize drawing errors and can find out the real shape of the building later.
  • More realistic 3D rendering and animations to make it easier to visually check your project.

What is the PROPER Design Method?

In designing, we listen and  understand the needs of the users. Thus, our designs will be effective, and unique.

What is PROPER service quality like?

The standard of our services you can get at PROPER include the following:

  • Service procedures and employment contracts are clear. Afraid to choose the wrong architect? Don’t worry, with PROPER you will get a note that contains: ordering procedures, payment procedures, cooperation contracts, stages of work, job points and work duration clearly.
  • Plan revisions are not limited, for the creation of a floor plan in order to achieve a space program that best suits the client’s needs.
  • Online consultation via shared screen that can help you design live consultation via smartphone or PC whenever or wherever you are.


What is the procedure for ordering design services at PROPER?

The easiest way to go through our procedure is to directly contact our architect CS through the number attached to this website, later our architect will explain and direct you through the ordering and working procedure. But if you want to know the whole procedure in detail, you can read at this link: Workflow

What things do I need to prepare before ordering design services?

To make it easier for us to understand your needs, you can provide complete information regarding the following information:

  1. Land location, Land size/dimension and road position (scan/softcopy of land measurement results) including Building Boundary Lines (land boundaries that may be built) if any or already known.
  2. Photos of the location and surrounding area
  3. Preferred design style  (Classic, Modern, Tropical, Contemporary, etc.).
  4. Details of space requirements as detailed as possible.

How do PROPER charge?

Usually we charge based on square meters of design/building area. This cost is based on the maximum planning area that has been calculated from the start.
However, if the size of the building increases, then we reserve the right to charge additional fees.
However, depending on the difficulty level of the project, we may set costs based on a percentage of the project value.

How is the payment scheme when hiring PROPER?

It’s depends on the type of project and the type of client.

We usually apply 4 payment stages as follows:

  1. Payment Phase 1: 30% – When the Client approves the Proposal / Assigns Contract
  2. Payment Phase 2: 30%, When the Client receives / approves the Schematic Design Product
  3. Payment Phase 3: 25%, When the Client receives / approves the Design Development  Product
  4. Payment Phase 4: 15%, When the Client receives / approves the Detail Engineering Drawing Product

We aren't familiar with the design and building process, can you explain?

Sure thing, we have laid it all out here.

Does PROPER accept in-person meetings at the office?

We accept meetings by appointment at our office in Jakarta.

For meeting appointments, you can use the following link: CONTACT US

Does PROPER accept meetings at the Client's premises?

Our Architect team can accept meeting requests at the Client’s place with additional travel costs (including the cost of air tickets and accommodation if outside the city/region).

For outside the city/region, the Client is required to pay the first stage DP and visit fees. To save costs, the Client does not actually need a meeting in person, it is enough to prepare accurate land data, accompanied by photos of the situation of the land and around the land.

Meetings can be replaced by means of Virtual Meetings (using Video Call and Team Viewer).

Does PROPER accept online/virtual meetings?

We are already familiar and often with the Online Meeting protocol, so we can complete various building designs throughout Indonesia without having to meet in person.

We take advantage of supporting technologies, such as Whatsapp Group,  Team Viewer and Zoom Meeting.

Land measurement technology also supports GPS on theodolite tools, so Clients only need to look for land surveyor services (third parties) in each area to get accurate measurement results. The results of these measurements are then sent to our Architects via email for further review. With this land size/topography data, we can start the design process.

Clients can also take advantage of GPS technology on whatsapp (share location) and our Architects can use Google Maps and Googe Street view to conduct virtual surveys right in front of your land without having to be present in person.

Clients are facilitated with sophisticated 3D software design presentations to show the shape of the building as realistically and accurately as possible before it is built.

We also provide freedom of revision (plan revision), so you don’t have to worry if you don’t get the right concept, you can still revise it. 

Service Info

What services does PROPER provide?

PROPER is an Architecture & Engineering Services Firm, where the products we produce are only planning product or more familiar with designing services. The service components that we can provide are :

  1. Architectural, Interior Design, Site & Landscape planning Services: 

Architectural Planning Services (Residential, Commercial, Public)

Interior Planning Services (Commercial, Public, Office)

Landscape planning Services (Residential, Commercial, Public)

  1. Engineering Services

Structure Planning Services

MEP Planning Services (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing)

  1. Land Survey & Soil Investigation
    [ By 3rd Party partner ]

What kind of projects does PROPER accept?

We accept Architectural Projects from medium to large. Starting from residential houses, luxury homes, hotels, cafes, malls, apartments, and public buildings. Especially for residential houses, we only work on designs for the construction of vacant land, or dismantling the entire existing building, we do not accept partial room renovation designs.

Does PROPER accept projects outside JABODETABEK?

Of course, we accept projects all over Indonesia and the World. 

What will I get by ordering a design at PROPER?

The products that we produce are as follows:

  1. 3D Exterior and Interior Perspectives
  2. Permission Drawing (Plan, Section, Elevation, etc.)
  3. Project Cost (Owner Estimated for Construction Cost)
  4. Construction Drawings (Architecture, Structure *, and MEP *)
  5. Soil Test*

* Optional depending on agreement

How long does it take to complete a design?

An average design is done for 2-4 months (private house/residential/private villa), 3-6 months for luxury residential designs, exclusive villas, boutique hotels, and commercial buildings [per unit], 6-8 months for designs Hotel, Apartment, and Hospital and other complex building. 

Is it permissible to revise the design and what are the conditions?

In principle we are open to revision and do not limit the number. But from the beginning of our work, we will conduct interviews for the concept and design needs, so that later revisions will be minor. For the replacement of the overall design concept [major revision] will be charged according to the stages of work.

What does not include PROPER service

What We Don’t Do:

  • Licensing Management Services & Making IMB Drawings.
  • Topographical Measurement Services.
  • Soil Test Service

Does PROPER also provide interior design services?

Every House Design from PROPER gets a Bonus of several views of 3D Interior proposals (cannot be revised). If you need interior design  that can be revised and described to detail then we provide the Interior Design division work.

Does PROPER also provide construction/house building services?

We don’t, because our company qualification is  Consultant Services. However, if you need construction services, we have a sister company that is still in the same group which is construction sector called PROPERBUILD (PT PROPER MEGABUILD NUSABANGUN).

Does PROPER also provide renovation services?

PROPER only focuses on the design of vacant or new land, or total demolition renovation, with the reason?

  1. The new land can accommodate the client’s wishes and spatial planning by the Architect more optimally.
  2. It is difficult to predict the strength of the old building structure, whether it is still safe enough to be dismantled here and there. The client needs to do a hammer test or some other test. Disassembly errors can be dangerous.
  3. Some parts of the beam column structure and installations such as piping/electricity if dismantled can be fatal, it can threaten the safety of occupants and we do not want to be involved in things that can be dangerous

Do PROPER Drawings include Electrical and Plumbing Drawings?

For residential and villa projects, PROPER output images include various electrical and plumbing drawings of residential standards as follows:

  • Light Point Plan
  • Stop Contact Plan
  • Switch Plan
  • AC Point Plan for each floor
  • Clean Water
  • Installation Plan
  • Dirty Water Plan
  • Rainwater & Drain Plan
  • Cold Water
  • Installation Plan
    Hot Water Plan (if any)
  • Septic tank details
  • Infiltration Details

Does PROPER output drawings include Foundation Drawings?

For residential and villa projects, the PROPER Drawings include Structural Drawings made by Structural Experts, consisting of:

  • Floor Plans for Foundations and Sloof
  • Column Plan (each floor)
  • Beam and Ring Beam Plans (each floor)
  • Plan of the Ring Beam on the neck of the roof
  • Portal
  • Details of Steel Structure (Sloof, Beam, Column)
  • Foot foundation details/borepile/pile (customize)
  • Slab details

Does PROPER output include a Bill of Quantity (RAB)?

Yes, PROPER work output includes Bill of Quantity (RAB).

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