We have become an interdisciplinary design firm by expanding our team beyond architects, interior designers, structural engineers, building services engineers, 3D artists,  and more. 

Founder & Principal Architect

Ar. Indra Wilman, IAI

Indra Wilman is an architect with 22 years of experience in design and development, specializing in architectural design.

Member of IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects). 

Holds STRA (Surat Tanda Registrasi Arsitek) – Ahli Madya. 

PROPER positions itself as a “Problem Solver” in client’s needs for spaces and buildings design. 

Meet the team

Head of Studio

Dani Wibowo, S.T

Architectural Designers

Andri  Hermawan, S.T
Fahrul Krisnandono, S.T

Interior Designers

Rianti Rukmana, S.T


Toni Prasetya
Rendi Okta


Sri Wahyuni


Wahyu Prasetyo, S.TSandy A, M. Haris, S.T

Our Culture

Open-minded, honest, cooperative, and help each other

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