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  1. You must read, understand, accept and agree to all the terms and conditions in this Agreement before using the website application and/or accepting the content contained in it. By accessing or using the proper.co.id site, the User is deemed to have understood and agreed to all contents in the terms and conditions below. Terms and conditions can be changed or updated at any time without prior notification. Changes to the terms and conditions will take effect immediately after being posted on the website proper.co.id.

  2. This agreement is governed and interpreted based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesia). The parties mentioned in this Agreement hereby agree to comply with the laws of Indonesia.

  3. In this Agreement what is meant by “User” is an individual, whether an Indonesian citizen, foreign citizen, or legal entity with the ability to use computers, networks, computers, and/or other electronic media that can access and use services on the proper.co.id site.

  4. By accessing or using this proper.co.id site, Users are included in the User category as mentioned in point 3 above knowingly and without coercion from any party declaring themselves agreeing to accept all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. As a User, the User is bound by the terms and conditions in the applicable Agreement in the event that the User accesses or uses this proper.co.id site. If the User does not accept all of the terms and conditions in this Agreement, the User is encouraged not to use the proper.co.id.


Each User agrees not to copy, use or download all information, writings, images, video recordings, directories, documents, databases, or advertisements on the proper.co.id site or those obtained through the proper.co.id site for any purpose except to help market or introduce all information Proper Architect to the public. Users are prohibited from using content, whether written, images, or videos from proper.co.id for personal commercial purposes without the consent of  Proper Architect.


  1. We are the sole owner or legal holder of all rights to the Site and the Content in the proper.co.id site. The proper.co.id site and its contents include intellectual property rights that are protected by copyright laws and laws that protect other intellectual property that apply throughout the world. All property rights and intellectual property rights to the proper.co.id site and its contents remain with us, our affiliates, or the licensors of the proper.co.id site content. All of our rights are hereby reserved.
  2. The proper.co.id site, names, icons, and associated logos are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected by law regarding copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, modify, or post any of the aforementioned brands for other businesses or businesses


  1. Proper.co.id has the right to determine and or make price changes without prior written notice.  New prices apply automatically when the price is displayed on the website.
  2. If in certain circumstances, there is a price error or information about a certain service caused by a typing error (Typo) or a price error due to digital attacks or system errors, proper.co.id reserves the right to reject or cancel orders that use the wrong price, including orders that already paid. If the order has been paid, we will make a refund according to the amount paid.
  3. The prices listed on the proper.co.id website include shipping costs, fleet rates, or couriers out of town (expedition).


  1. Services that have been paid cannot be returned, canceled, or exchanged if the work stage process is ongoing or has been completed.
  2. Payment is only addressed to accounts in the name of PT. Proper Citraguna Megacipta (Proper Architect). Proper.co.id is not responsible if the User makes a transfer error.
  3. All forms of transfer delays or failures caused by the fault of the Bank or the system are not the responsibility of proper.co.id


  1. For every purchase, orders and deliveries will be processed after payment is received in a bank account in the name of PT. Proper Citraguna Megacipta (Proper Architect).
  2. The package sent is in the form of 1 volume printout of Technical Drawing and 1 CD / FD in which there are files according to what is offered on the website.
  3. Packages will be sent using delivery services/courier services/courier services from third parties, namely POS, JNT, TIKI, JNE, GOSEND, GRAB EXPRESS, etc.
  4. Proper.co.id is free to determine the delivery service/courier service/courier service used according to service availability.
  5. Any delays or damage to goods during package delivery will be the responsibility of the delivery service/courier service/courier service by third parties.
  6. If there is missing package completeness due to an error on the part of proper.co.id, we must send the missing completeness to the User.
  7. Users are not charged for shipping within Indonesia.


  1. The warranty covers that  Files and Documents designs submitted are designs that can be built on the size of the land according to the Client’s information.
  2. If there are parts of the design that cannot be built due to design errors and/or design size errors, we will provide a revision at no additional cost.
  3. If there is a part of the design that cannot be built due to an error in the size of the land informed by the client, then we can provide a revision at an additional cost for the error of information from the client.
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